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We take caring for each other seriously, and believe we all have different gifts that can help make a difference in peoples lives by being the hands and feet of Jesus. Sometimes these might be exciting occasions in life like the arrival of a new born baby, or at more difficult times in life. We have many different people that enjoy helping in various ways.


We have a small team of men and women that love to cook home prepared meals for individuals or families when there is a need. This might be when a new born baby has arrived in a family, or when someone becomes ill. Whatever the reason, this team loves to help out with some yummy meals when there is the need.

If you would like more information about this please speak to Sarah Sargeant.

Pastoral Care

We strive to take great care of each other, and have a pastoral care team that regularly meets, and catches up with people. Whether you are going through a tough patch with family, work or sickness or something else that might be on your mind. Someone from the pastoral care team is there to visit you if you would like, pray with you or just listen.

For more information about the pastoral care team, please contact Rob Robertson or Margaret Holmes.


While we can all pray to God, there is a group of men and women at church who really love to pray for others. If you would like prayer, please get in touch with Kelvin our pastor and he can get the prayer team praying for your particular concern. We also have a prayer chain that operates to pray for urgent matters. If you would like the prayer chain to be praying, please get in touch with Rob Robertson.

Home and Garden Maintenance

Sometimes things around home can get out of hand with unexpected circumstances. At times like this, some men or women from our church have popped around to help get the lawns mown, and garden beds weeded. It’s just another way we can help out when there is a need.

If you would like more information about this, please speak to Neville Harvey.


Do you need a lift to church on Sunday? Maybe your car is at the mechanic, or maybe you don’t have a car? Whatever the reason, there will be someone who is able to pick you up and drop you where you might need to go.

If you would like more information about this, please get in touch.

Join Our Community

If you feel like you would like to be part of any of these teams, or have other ways in which you would like to help others, please get in touch.

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